Blue Access for Employers

Solutions for Education Professionals

We have designed benefits specifically for education professionals and have embedded them into our standard insurance products at no additional cost.

Campus Violence Benefit (K-12 & Higher Ed)
Due to the growing concern of school violence, we offer a campus violence benefit as part of our accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) coverage.1

College Assistance Plan (K-12)
We provide access to the College Assistance Plan (CAP), an online resource dedicated to helping people plan for, pay for and reduce the cost of college. This secure online portal includes checklists, a negotiation toolkit, pricing calculators, a college search function, and funding and financial aid information.2

Disability Coverage During School Breaks (K-12 & Higher Ed)
We include specific disability contract language designed for educators and staff that treats all disabilities the same, regardless of whether they occur while school is in session or not.

J-1/H-1 Visa Exchange Protection (Higher Ed)
We can assist colleges and universities who need help in obtaining this protection by providing a program that meets these requirements as a part of the Travel Resource Services™ program.

Office Depot® Discount Program (K-12)
For our education customers, Office Depot offers a 10% discount on most of their office supplies.3

1Not available in all states. In select states, a stand-alone AD&D contract may be required.

2College Assistance Plan (CAP) is an independent organization that does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas or Dearborn Life Insurance Company products or services. CAP is solely responsible for the products and services described on this webpage.

3Exclusions and restrictions apply.

This webpage is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. Availability may vary by group location and size.

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