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Blue Distinction Specialty Care Benefit Differential

Blue Distinction® Centers (BDC) and Blue Distinction® Centers+ (BDC+) Benefit Differential product lets employers structure benefits in a way that encourages employees to seek high quality and cost-effective care from the BDC or BDC+ designated specialty care programs. Blue Distinction Centers are designated hospitals that demonstrate expertise in delivering patient care safely and effectively for select specialty care procedures.

The Blue Distinction® Center for Specialty Care program focuses on quality of care.The Blue Distinction® Centers+ for Specialty Care program focuses on efficiency and quality of care. These programs cover six specialty areas.

DCBDP Specialty Areas

Self-insured employers can structure benefits into two, three or four tiers. Here's an example of the three-tiered benefit design:

Tier 1 – Blue Distinction Centers/Blue Distinction Centers Plus facilities
Tier 2 – Broad PPO
Tier 3 – Out-of-network


  • Proven quality results
  • Managed costs
  • Lower readmission rates and fewer complications
  • Covering the top 50 Market Services Areas

National Access

National Access Map

To discuss Blue Distinction Centers Benefit Differential benefit designs, contact your BCBSTX Account Representative.

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