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Helping Children to Breathe Easier: Childhood Asthma Newest Be Smart. Be Well.® Topic

In the U.S. alone, about 7 million children have asthma. More than 4 million of these children had an asthma attack last year. It is the most common chronic condition in children and while it can be controlled, there is no cure.

Be Smart. Be Well  tells the stories of children, their parents and caregivers who are dealing with asthma. Through expert sources and personal stories, the site provides:

  • Personal Stories — See how Trinity, Tiffany and Tim learned to manage their asthma and take control of their disease.

  • The Facts — Asthma in children results in nearly 700,000 emergency room visits each year, according to the American Lung Association. No one knows what causes childhood asthma, but it can be controlled.

  • An Action Plan — How can asthma be controlled? What are the triggers for an attack? Learn how to make your home and school asthma-friendly and how to set up an asthma action plan to keep the disease in check.

  • Help and Advice — Learn from medical experts and kids living with asthma about how to take control of this chronic condition.

Every child deserves an active, healthy life. Learn more about asthma in children and how it can be controlled by visiting Be Smart. Be Well .

About Be Smart. Be Well.
Be Smart. Be Well  is a free resource available to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) members as well as the general public.The goal of the site is simple: To help all of us stay healthier and safer through increased awareness and simple-to-use knowledge. Additional topics posted on Be Smart. Be Well. include: managing pregnancy risks , childhood obesity , caregiving , mental health , drug safety , traumatic brain injury (TBI) , sexually transmitted disease  and domestic violence .

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