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New Features on Blue Access for Employers Now Available

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas employers can now take advantage of new functionality on the Blue Access® for Employers (BAE) site that was added to make account management easier and more efficient.

The recent additions include:

  • A “Print Claims Summary” feature is now available so you can quickly and easily print the Claims Summary information from within the Billing > ASO Invoices section. To use this new feature:
    1. Log in to BAE
    2. Select Billing
    3. Select ASO Invoices
    4. Select Claims Summary from the “I want to” drop-down menu
    5. Click the Print Claims Summary link
  • BAE also now allows for foreign country address updates online. You can enter, edit and view foreign addresses when entering new employees or changing an employee’s address. This option will appear in the “Address Information” screen in the New Enrollment screen or in the “Update Primary Address” option in the View/Update Employees screen.
  • Some of the member enrollment screen tabs and labels have been renamed:
    1. The “Personal Info” tab is now titled “General Info”
    2.  The “Home” label for an employee’s telephone number is now labeled “Home/Cell” on the General Info tab
    3. The “Product/Provider” tab is now labeled “Coverage Info”

For more information, please contact the BAE Internet Help Desk at (888) 706-0583 or contact your BCBSTX account representative.

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