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New Online Tools Help Explain Health Insurance

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) recently released enhancements to our website to help consumers find information about our products and answer their questions about health insurance. Now, we've added new tools and features to the website that will make understanding and shopping for health insurance easier than ever.

From learning how their choices, like smoking or deductible amounts, can impact their premiums to shopping for a health insurance plan based on their monthly budgets, these new features give them the tools they need to make choices about their coverage.

The new pages and tools are geared toward providing consumers with information about BCBSTX's products and services based on their coverage needs and personal situations.

  • An interactive Premium Meter shows how different choices such as smoking, age and deductible amount can raise or lower premiums.
  • Shop by Price — This new feature lets consumers name a monthly premium based on a budget and then shows the plans that most closely fit within that price range.
  • Health Care IQ Quiz — This interactive quiz tests site visitors' health insurance know-how and teaches the basics of health insurance.

Explore these new pages and tools, and let us know what you think. Click on the Feedback [+] link to share your comments about these recent website enhancements.

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